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American Troubles
I'm thinking of adding a new page to the wikia and going into detail about something that's been on my mind for a while now: a period of civil unrest in America during the 2020s.
I've alluded to there being instances of violence by right-wing nationalists and neo-Nazis during the 2020s of the Second Renaissance, but I've never really elaborated on it because, I've kinda been scared of thinking about the depths of the horror we're in for in the coming decade. But I'm reaching a point where I can't not think about it. So buckle up because this is going to be one of my longer posts detailing what I think is leading to what I'm calling the American Troubles.
First we must identify the contributing factors to the present and impending economic and social upheaval. This will require identifying phenomena at the root of American culture, longstanding socio-economic trends impacting the world, and the political situation that has ultimately stemmed from it.
The Great Cycles

There is a
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Commissions are Open
Well, I'm finally broke enough to open up for commissions. I've never done this before, don't really know how it works, so I apologize in advance for any difficulties that may arise.

*Flag or Seal with existing logo - $5
**Variation with different existing logos - $2 for each additional flag or seal
*Flag or Seal with modified logo - $10
*Custom Flag or Seal - $20

*Small Wikia style map - $5
*Large Regional Map - $10
**Country and Ocean Labels- $5
**Sea Labels - $5
**City Labels - $10
**Rivers - $10
**Longitude & Latitude -$5
**Weathering - $5
**Mars Map - $5
**Flooded Earth Map -$5

Single character sketches: $25
Single character animated style: $50

All prices are in $USD
Payment in points
Payment in advance: Money up front, or else I'm not doing the work.
No refunds. I'm not doing work only to find out the customer wants their money back.
- Fair warning, turnaround will vary.
- Feel free to scan my previous work if you want something similar as a reference
- all work will be uploaded online unless specified (surprise gift perhaps?) 


I'll update the IN PROGRESS ticker as this goes on.

In Progress:

Completed Commissions:

Commissioned Seal by YNot1989 


Sean McKnight
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm just another denizen of the internet trying to add a little nuance where its needed, and a little bluntness where it's not.

I'm from Western Washington, though I currently reside in California.

I'm an actual Rocket Scientist (did research with rockets, and am an Aerospace Engineer).

Politically I can best be described as Liberal American Imperialist; so basically I want Universal Healthcare as an excuse to annex Canada.

I love sci-fi movies, books, and TV shows, classic cars and modern ones too, bitching about politics, speculating about the future, and analyzing the past.

Current Residence: Lancaster, California
Favorite genre of music: Rock in all its forms and all its glory!
Favorite animated character: Spike Spiegel
Favorite literary character: Takeshi Kovacs


Sahara War

By the 2110s the Mexican-American Cold War had begun to ramp up and truly become a global conflict. Proxy wars, cyber attacks, and political engineering were the order of the day for both sides. The civil war in China, the collapse of the Mediterranean Union, the East Africa Wars, and countless smaller points of confrontation defined the 2110s. Mexico's strategy to counter the United States' global dominance rested on a strategy of Asymmetrical Foreign Policy; creating chaos with the goal of throwing the US off balance rather than trying to defeat them through any direct confrontation. This policy's execution was the same in the Sahara, as it was everywhere else, chaos incarnate.

The Breakup of the Mediterranean Union created a power vacuum in the Sahara, a vacuum that the Tuareg Union and the newly reunified Nigera hoped to fill. The reunification of Nigeria and Arewa was a political coup executed by American diplomats when the wars in East Africa had only just begun. The hope was for Nigeria to be the base of power in West Africa, and to create the means for a Nigerain-Congolese-East African bloc that could secure US space elevator access in the region, along with all major trade routs to get those goods to market. For Mexico, this was unacceptable. It didn't take any prodding to get the Tuareg Union on board to oppose the Nigerians, and for close to a decade their forces stood at odds on a common border. In 2117, the situation in East Africa was beginning to turn in the American favor. Kenyan nationalists were beginning to loose ground and the transit lines from the Uganda tower to the Indian Ocean were largely secure. Trade was re-established with the Kush Republic, and US forces engaged in the region were beginning to talk about an armistice. That year, Mexico's GPS network experienced an unforseen malfunction and Tuareg troops on regular patrols accidentally crossed into Nigeria 's Northeast province. By the time their navigational system was reestablished they'd found themselves behind Nigerian lines and facing a Nigerian armored battalion to their North. During the chaos, several soldiers claimed that Nigeria was invading Tuareg territory over their communications to command. By the time the mistake had been rectified, the Tuareg had pushed 10 kilometers inside of Nigerian territory, and Nigerian drones had struck the Tuareg military positions and supply lines north of the border.

What would come to be known as the Sahara war would last the 7 years. The Nigerian-Tuareg portion of the conflict only lasted 3 years. Both sides committed the totality of their forces to the conflict, and Nigeria actually looked to be in a position to defeat the Tuareg Union, but not until after both sides had suffered heavy casualties. With Nigeria gaining ground in the second year of the war, Mexican operatives began to encourage political distension among the wealthier factions of the Hausa in the regions bordering Lake Chad. However, similar sentiments had already begun to spread in the Azawad region of the Tuareg Union. When the Hausa rose up, Azawad did as well, and one rebellion along the border between both nations became two, and suddenly the Nigerian military found themselves trapped behind two enemy lines. The war began to devolve after that, the few forces in Nigeria available to fight the Hausa were unable to stop the spread of sectarianism at home, while more and more rebel groups began to emerge in response to the Government's refusal to surrender. After two years of civil war, the Brazilians decided it was time to make their own move and deployed a division of their own forces to aid their allies in Mali to push into Azawad and secure Tombouctou. Mexico began to respond to US calls for a ceasefire, and after the Arewa Coup, they had it. The Treaty of Tripoli was signed in a matter of days, as the Junta in Arewa simply wanted a return of its troops who were trapped in Azawad and Tuareg territory. Nigeria was left in pieces.

While Mexico's attempt to break up the US-Alliance system in the Sahara succeeded, it ultimately proofed more costly than either side had expected. The Tuareg Union was facing an internal civil war, and while Nigeria was no divided it had left a dangerous power vacuum in Sub-Saharan Africa. Brazil ultimately gained the most with its proxies in Mali expanding into former Tuareg territory and creating an Azawad buffer between themselves and the rump Tuareg Federation. The war weakened the American position in North Africa, but did little to advance Mexico's cause. The allies they gained were divided and in no position to reverse their fortunes in East Africa. Most troubling was the degree of success Brazil had with their alliance system and their treatment as an equal player at the negotiating table.

Sovereign Citizens Alliance ca. 2027
The Great Reset saw the rise of a number of extremist groups, but none were more notorious than the Sovereign Citizen's Alliance at the beginning of the American Troubles

The SCA had its origins in the longstanding economic hardship and political upheaval facing the United States prior to the Flood. Nationalist groups had been on the rise in the US since the Trump administration, but the Flood, the subsequent refugee crisis, and the Great Famine threw the situation into crisis. The influx of refugees from the East Coast and the government's increased role in the control of the food supply caused many Right Wing Nationalists to call for political restitution, claiming that the continued presence of the refugees in otherwise conservative states was an attempt to consolidate power for left wing causes. In 2026, many of these groups organized a Congress of Sovereign Citizens to draft a redress of grievances to the Federal Government, however the convention quickly devolved into hate speech and anti-government proclamations. The conference was inundated with White Nationalist and Alt-Right groups, many of whom represented armed militias. The Declaration for the Restoration of the Republic was published on July 4, 2026, and the Sovereign Citizen's Alliance registered as a formal political party in the upcoming mid-term elections. Across the more conservative states, particularly in the South and Midwest, SCA candidates ran on an overtly Right Wing Nationalist and Christian Fundamentalist platform. Militia groups flying the Sovereign Citizen's Flag were present at rallies and voter intimidation practices ran rampant. By election day 2026, the SCA had narrowly won county and municipal seats in 14 states. However, in Alabama, the party's chosen candidates for governor  was in a dead heat race with his Democratic and Republican rivals. After two weeks, the recount had determined that the Democrats had won a plurality of the popular vote. The SCA refused to recognize the election and demanded that the legislature not confirm the results. 

On January 20th, 2027, while the Revolutions of 2027 were just beginning to take root overseas, the SCA's militia forces stormed the state capital building in 
Montgomery, and declared the start of the Second American Revolution. The capture of Montgomery emboldened many of their supporters and at the height of the Great Faminethe SCA and its affiliates had captured several towns and small cities across Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Missouri, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana, clashing with National Guard forces and sustaining their grip on these communities by capturing truck stops and thus controlling the flow of food stuffs to much of their territory. The Federal Government responded by nationalizing the state national guards of the various states where SCA terrorist activity was most predominant, but refused to declare martial law. The administration's public response fueled opposition to the Democrats and the administration by Progressive groups who themselves were becoming emboldened by such a clear enemy to the Republic. While the Federal government's public response was seen as a half measure, the administration was also ordering covert operations against the SCA that would not become public knowledge until 2042. These operations were extremely effective in breaking the SCA's network of control, however the details of their battle record won't be declassified until 2177.

Despite the success of the US Special Forces, the SCA and their affiliates remained a serious public threat well into 2028. Their territory had largely been pushed back to Alabama and Mississippi, but as they fell back the group and their supporters carried out increasingly violent acts of domestic terrorism, including setting fire to whole towns, destroying oil pipelines, and staging public executions of African-Americans, Women, homosexuals, and reporters. While the strategic integrity of the SCA was collapsing, the brutality of these acts contributed to a public perception that the current administration was not capable of defeating the SCA and is cited by political theorists as an important contributing factor for the Progressive Sweep in the elections of 2028.

Shortly after Dylan J. Price took office in 2029, the SCA had largely been pushed back to Mobile and their affiliates had gone underground. One of Price's first acts upon taking office was the deploying of the US Army to Mobile in a seven day assault that ended with the deaths of all remaining members of the SCA. Following the disbandment of the Sovereign Citizen's Alliance, the Price administration declared white supremacist groups and other domestic extremist movements to be a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States. Immediately after the liberation of the Mobile, federal raids across the country against similar movements became commonplace and increased powers were given to the FBI to monitor and shut down online groups if they were determined to be a potential security threat. As a result of these acts, most white supremacist and racial extremist movements were forced back underground. The SCA was and has been, the only attempt by these groups to form a unified political entity during this period.

Template Map by YNot1989Since I keep getting asked what template I use to make my SR world maps, and I keep saying, "There is no template, I made it from scratch" I decided to upload a rough template. I basically just brought the borders back to where they were in the timeline around 2035, and then went a step further to get them closer to where they are in OTL. The cities and secondary details are all layers in GIMP, so I don't know how to add those to deviantart as a downloadable .xcf file.
World War II

POD 1930 - The Prince of Wales meets a the young daughter of German aristocrats, and the two begin a prolonged courtship. (If anyone cares to untangle the rat-king of European noble families, be my guest).

1934 - The Prince of Wales is married at St. Paul's Cathedral with the British royal court, and several prominent members of the German government in attendance, including Hermann Göring and Joachim von Ribbentrop.

1936 - King Edward VIII ascends to the thrown. Shortly after his coronation he makes an address to the Empire hailing the beginning, "Of better days home, and the healing of recent hatreds abroad." Joachim von Ribbentrop is made the ambassador to the Court of St. James shortly after the address. 

1938 - Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin oversees the signing of the Munich Agreement, bringing Britain into the Axis Powers as an equal partner of Germany. Baldwin proclaims the Axis to be the shield to guard against Communism in Europe, and free Britain to defend its territories in the Pacific against the Japanese. France signs a non-aggression pact with the Germans, and agrees to return historic German territory annexed after Versailles.  

1939 - Germany invades Poland after several skirmishes with the Soviets near Lithuania. World War II begins as the Royal Navy engages Soviet ships with the Germans while the Wehrmacht advances into Belarus and the Ukraine. The United States, fearing that the nightmare of a united Europa will soon come to pass, begins transferring arms and provisions to the Soviets, and curtails trade restrictions against the Japanese.

1941 - After years of quietly sending aid to the Japanese, Indian Revolutionaries, and the Soviets, the British Empire organizes an attack on the United States from Canada using elements of the Royal Navy, and local Canadian forces. Bombers from Canada strike American ports along the eastern seaboard, destroying much of the US Atlantic Fleet. US Army forces invade Canada and the remainder of the Atlantic fleet strikes against Halifax, cutting the Canadians off from easy resupply. Meanwhile British forces in the Pacific attack Taiwan and Japanese positions in Southern China. 

1942 - The US transfers elements of its Pacific Fleet through the Panama Canal to combat the British in the Atlantic and Japan formally allies itself with the United States. While the US Army and Army Air Corps fight in Canada, the Navy stages several raids on British positions in Africa and the North Atlantic. The British fleet, expecting an easy victory in the Atlantic theater, is far less prepared for the auxiliary forces from the Pacific, and much of the British and German Atlantic fleets are lost after the Battle of Iceland.

1943 - With the remainder of the German and British fleets occupied in the Baltic Sea or the Pacific, Canada falls to the US. American Long Range Bombers begin flying out of Quebec to support forces in Iceland and North Africa. The Japanese stage a successful attack against Singapore, taking the Strait of Malacca and giving Subhas Chandra Bose a free hand against the British in India. With the Pacific secured, the US coordinates with Japan to launch the largest paratrooper drop in history over western Russia, giving the Soviets a chance to push the Germans back from Moscow.

1944 - The Japanese successfully defeat the British at the Battle of Sarawak. India achieves independence and British naval forces cut off from Europe are left to withdraw to Australia to defend the Empire's last colonies in the Pacific. US B-29 bombers flying from Iceland and North Africa hammer the British Isles and Germany. The US invades Italy from North Africa, while simultaneously invading Ireland with a relatively small, but well supplied force of paratroopers. The Invasion of Ireland catches the British completely off guard, as Irish Republicans rise up after being given additional supplies from the Americans. German troops in Sicily are driven back as Hitler cannot risk pulling troops back from Russia. The invasion of mainland Italy and the allied victory at Moscow forces the Germans to pull back while the US advances North to the Alps.

1945 - Shortly after Italy falls and the Soviets begin the push west, peace feelers are sent out to Germany, but Hitler refuses to agree to American terms of unconditional surrender. After Australia declares independence and sues for a separate peace with the Japanese, the British begin sending similar overtures to the US, with the hope of maintaining their possessions in Africa. The US instead drops an atomic bomb on Liverpool and a second on Hamburg. Britain surrenders immediately to American demands. Hitler refuses to surrender, despite the threat of a joint invasion from Russia and the US, and more bombings. A third, then a fourth bomb is dropped on Germany, leading to a Coup and finally a peace.

Beginnings of the Cold War

1946 - Germany and Britain agree to return to the original borders and disarm. The Soviets scream for German blood, but the US is in no position to invade Germany itself. And the Soviets are not actually in any position to do anything about it. Japan stands pre-eminent over the Pacific, having defeated the Communists in China, who without the aid of the Soviets quickly fell to the Japanese. The British Monarchy only just escapes American demands for unconditional surrender. The new German government agrees to reduce, but not eliminate its military, the US still fearing either German or Soviet conquest of Europe. 

1947 - The US formally absorbs Canada and Greenland into the Union, along with all British territory in the Pacific and Americas not ceded to the Japanese. The United Nations Security Council features Japan, the Soviet Union, the United States, and India, and all parties agree on European Decolonization. Officially, the member nations of the Japanese Co-Prosperity Sphere are independent nations, and Japan agrees to oversee the creation of independent governments. Germany concludes the Internal Investigation of War-crimes, revealing the results of the Holocaust to the world. 24 million Jews, Romani, Handicapped, and Slavic peoples killed by the SS during the war. Only an estimated 2 million Jews, mostly French and British, remain alive in Europe.

1948 - The Marshal Plan pays for the Reconstruction of Europe and Russia. Stalin puts a sizable portion of American aid into rebuilding the Red Army. Japan is now outwardly refusing decolonization. The US leases naval bases from Australia and New Zealand and begins heavily investing into long range bomber and rocket technology. Japan makes similar efforts as well, however the US has a distinct advantage with so many former German rocket scientists moving to the US.
  • Listening to: Stan Rogers
  • Reading: Geopolitical Futures
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Gwiber49 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
I've been poking around in The Second Renaissance Wiki, and I've noticed a religion called the Avists Faith.  What is this religion exactly?
YNot1989 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I guess it would be considered a form of nature worship. Its one of the older religions of the Aerophany, and essentially it involves rituals and lives centered around flying. Mars has 38% Earth Grav, even before terraforming that made it possible for individuals to fly thanks to human powered methods. Since terraforming completed, the atmosphere is thick enough to support a wide range of airborne travel, and the Avists believe there is greater spiritual fulfillment soaring above the land than walking on top of it. They don't really believe in a god, so much as they believe in a communion with nature and other creatures of the air. There's just one significant difference between them and most other religions: genetic engineering, most Avist sects are an entire subspecies of human,  Homo sapiens chieropteryx. While not all Avists are genetically engineered, the overwhelming majority are. They modify themselves so as to extend their the pinky into a Carpometacarpus, and develop a wing membrane, giving them the ability to fly without the aid of a wingsuit. They consider flight to be the natural state of beings on low gravity worlds.
Gwiber49 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Filmographer
I see.

Thanks for the info.
calexfc Featured By Owner 4 days ago
What do you recommend for newbies making fictional us state flags? Like the bradbury and new virginia ones? I'm making a map about a planet ( in a similar way, but a lot less professional, version of your mars map) terraformed by the US, and I want to start making the flags of the various states, but all the current ones I made look like crappy ms paint rip offs.
YNot1989 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, first thing you have to accept is that state flags are generally terrible or boring, not just for the US, but everywhere. And there is an art to making a state flag that is both nice enough to look at, but believably stupid. ( recommend listening to this discussion from CGP Grey for some insight:…)

The bulk of all US state flags feature a state seal or emblem on a blue field (and its never the same blue from state to state). You typically want to spend the bulk of your time on the Seal where you should identify the following to include:

1. The Year the state was founded or joined the union

2. Any icons, mythical, human, animal, plantlife, or physcial terrain that the state is known for.

3. The state motto.

I've done some work for more Martian states that I haven't posted yet and they may help:…
HeliosMegistos Featured By Owner May 13, 2018
Do you think the political side of Game of Thrones with the great houses and their struggles during the show would work if it were changed somewhat?

Say you still have the Starks, the Lannisters, the Baratheons and the Tullys and Tyrells etc but Westeros is an aristocratic/oligarchy republic instead of a kingdom thus making the great houses more akin to powerful senatorial families in the Roman Republic, the Italian merchant republics like Venice or even the show and books own Free Cities?

Instead of fighting for or against the crown the houses are seeking to become the most powerful faction to advance their own interest.
YNot1989 Featured By Owner May 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How is what you described really all that different from what we've seen?
HeliosMegistos Featured By Owner May 14, 2018
I guess it's not although I pictured it as more like a bunch of Roman senatorial familys in the late republic. Less battles, although they still happen, more poison and assassination and underhanded tactics and legalism.
drivanmoffitt Featured By Owner May 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
how much do you know of accents? like regional differences in how people pronounce certain words and usage of shorthands
YNot1989 Featured By Owner May 13, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really don't know that much about them.
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