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European Federal Union by YNot1989 European Federal Union by YNot1989
This is a revised version of a previous deviation of the same name which I have deleted because, frankly it sucked.

The European Federal Union (EFU or EU) is a Parliamentary semi-presidential federal republic of 61 terrestrial provinces, located in Europe. Born out of a commitment to regional stability during the Flood, the EU was established by the Second Treaty of Maastricht on 1 November 2014 upon the foundations of the pre-existing European Union (E.U.). With almost 1 billion citizens, the EU combined generates an estimated 30% share (US 58.4 trillion in 2068) of the nominal gross human product.

The EU traces its origins to the European Coal and Steel Community formed among six countries in 1951 and the Treaty of Rome in 1957. Since then the union has grown in size through the accession of new countries, and new policy areas have been added to the remit of the EU's institutions.

A four tier Republic, Europe is one of the few human civilizations left that still permits regional Monarchs as a ceremonial level of local government; the most famous being the British Crown which still technically has dominion over the whole of the British Isles.

BA-Basque Country
DG- Dagestan
NI-North Italy
SI-South Italy
ST-Saint Petersburg
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Americarules1776 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
My worst nightmare uhh if this happens i hope Russia and America do the right thing and go full WW2 on the EU's ass America takes west while Russia takes East keep Europe divided we learned two times what happens when a massive German Empire happens.
aristocratic0094 Featured By Owner May 26, 2016  New Deviant
I find this horrifying lol
Hettman Featured By Owner May 11, 2016
Ukraine gaining EU membership?? LOL!

Putinstan's worst nightmare!

But it seems the politics is heading in that directions albeit very slowly...

I don't know if this will be for good or ill to the country....

But I can only hope for the best for that region on Earth!...
Americarules1776 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
This is also Americas worst nightmare too a fourth super power would destroy our relations with European nations effectively. My main fear would be if Europe starts an arms race with Russia America and China this could prove disastrous to both the US's and Russia's power. My second fear is that if a united Europe takes over the middle east and Africa effictivly cutting off our oil and uranium suppliers this would kill our economy forever unless we start mining off the planet or for thorium.
Hettman Featured By Owner 6 days ago
A united Europe!????

Don't make me laugh!

They are such CUCKS and Losers to each other that the chances of the whole of France-Britain-Germany-Italy-Poland/Ukraine being a United axis is less than 1% thanks to the rampant xenophobia to Many Slavic nations, Mafia syndacites, and the constant idiotic bull$h*t rivalry between the French and Anglo governments!

Plus Western Europe has abandoned original christianity as the staple belief of the state and country, while the astern Europeans have retained Christianity through a slew of Byzantine or Roman, and Melkite Catholic rites and the orthodox Christian faction!

Which the brain dead socialist or communist Western Europe Absolutely LOATHES with BARED TEETH!

Despite those Christians and their Christian principles have helpe to effectively keep their nations safe from the Muslim Trojan horse that the retards of the west have let in with open arms!

My advice to you proud and concerned, slightly more honourable than those Euroween prideful Cowards, and as a next door neighbor/brother, for your yank nation... is to get that emergency secondary economy running on thorium, on your own oil, and other rare metals FAST while times are still green! For what will you do when they run dry?

Also, Learn to farm or ranch/forage your own months worth of food while your at it!

And escape with a large group of tightly knit of freinds and family to live in the mountains when the insanity of a possible 3rd global conflict will possibly emerge soon in the very coming decades!

And when the conflict does eventually arise, you'll need more than a simple
Glock/sword and shield to deal with current military Sorcery that prowl around these days and with their state of the art weaponry and defence systems!

Remember this detail well, your second admendmant was made in a time of war! And only makes sense in a time of war, civil-war, or revolution with a domestic rogue government!
Americarules1776 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
As an American i thank you for your advice and yes i know whats going to happen soon with the Government i only wish we can prevent a full blown civil war here in the US from happening again but the Government here is making things difficult as a person who loves the military for the people serving and not the leaders. I know in my heart that most soldiers would down right betray the Government instantly if given the order to shoot their own family and friends the military would be split 50/50 with American patriots fighting agaisnt Government loyalists. Plus with the amount of civilians 300'000'000 and civilian weapons plus our militias ,veterans and former police we could take back the nation within the month Tactically Americas a fortress nation. The only reason why the south lost during the first civil war because The blockades starved the confederacy and scorched earth tactics destroyed natural resources plus the fact that the media was being silenched by the government. However with the large amount of Hackers Engineers Soldiers and Pilots in todays world a civil war would end quickly thanks to social media getting more Americans pissed off at the Government plus the GOV can't use bombers that would cripple them instantly if they attacked civilian cities that would cause an outcry and riots. Anyways I'm already prepared for the upcoming second American revolution/civil war as a person who has beem studying Robotics and coding i have a few ideas for drones and small tank like robots that can even the playing field in the peoples favor. Sorry for the long paragraphs just wanted you to know how i feel and know we would win in the end anyways hows the weather in Canada my northern friend.
Hettman Featured By Owner 5 days ago
The weather is fine!

But we got an Obama Knock off liberal sophist drama teacher as Prime minister!

Infact he's worse than Obama!

Yah! Hard to believe that is actualy possible..... I know!... 😒

39% of Canada in the last election got rid of the conservative leader Harper! And put this selfie glamour boy in charge!

Yet our 100% corrupt liberal media is claiming the majority of Canadians voted for this moron!

I certainly did not! Thank heavens!

If you knew what scandalous PM Trudeau has done in these short 7 months of his office! You will be beyond shocked, revolted, and will be crying for your life!

I'm not joking here! IT'S that bad!

He's legalized trans-sexual agenda!

Men who cut their balls can now walk in woman's toilets!

And any security Gaurd that force them out will lose his/her job and possibly jailed for this fictitious hate crime!

He's about to legalize assisted suicide! (A.K.A. Euthanasia with a cute mask) masking the fact it is without a doubt assisted 1st degree murder and a licence to kill!

Our hospitals already have MAIDS in the health department ALREADY! Without even Bill C-14 legalized!

So the Krakenhausse's are effectively now Nazi-like funeral homes where doctors have abandoned their hypocratic oaths as healers and are slowly going to become DEATH DOCTORS!

Except for Catholics and doctors with a functioning moral compass/conscious!

People have forgotten the example we already have for this exact same case!

Read the late Supreme Court Justice Sopinka's verdict on assisted dying!

Best Judge Canada ever had in its history!

A Ukrainian-Canadian. Highly likely to be a Catholic! Who died under mysterious and conveinant circumstances!

Pfffft.... Figures it would be a Slav and not Quebecious-French Camadians who would do the right thing and teach Canadians how to properly care for each other in a very Christian way, in what is the highest position in the judicial system!...

And not to destroy our healthcare at the same time!

Again you can thank the liberals for that masterful idiocy!

Reminds me of the mysterious death of your Supreme Court judge Scallia!

Who also happens to be a Catholic! But of the Roman Catholic rite, unlike Sopinka, who's likely of the Byzantine rite.

Justin is about to change OUR CENTURY OLD national anthem for some fringe kook's death wish for it to be "Gender Neutral"!!

The liberal left sophists are destroying what's left of what was once an undivided and morally functioning Catholic nation!

I can't bare to see what the idiotic leverages are doing to themselves!

Prime minister selfie brought in 27,000 refugees/economic mirgrants from the middle east and Africa! And has already brought in some potential Jihadi's into Canada already! And wants to expand on that quota!

As much as I distrust Trump as a person! As he would be willing to throw the brave nation Ukraine under the Soviet bus under Putin's authoritarian heal!

I could see him straighten the fr*cken backbones of the average joe blow Americans and get the patriots out of the woodwork and onto the political and physical front lines instead of being useless indifferent fools!

To sum up why I mean:

Trump is good for North America!

But Bad for Europe and South America!

Asia ha too much on its hands to worry about Muricans! Well except for Beijing!

And Kremlinstan Mafia mobsters will march with theirarmy regardless of what those European cowards do or what Americans will do!

But I would have wished the U.S. Army could have done more to prep an be with the Brave Ukrainian European nation as it was being invaded by stealth by its next door neighbour!

American prez. Clinton did sign the Budapest mamorandum! Which on paper garunteed Ikrainian independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity at the price of giving up the world's 3rd largest nuclear weapon stockpile!

For the whole non-nuclear agenda of the 1990's!

Funny that the nation that gave up its nukes would be the thing/the reason and mpetus for the biggest and unrestrained proliferation of nuclear weaponry that the world will soon see!

Obama and cameron clearly gave that future a thumbs up by not doing anything about Ukraine as Crimea was annexed by Moscow's army and still waited as the Donbass region was invaded!

But I am somewhat glad and relieved that they got training from 223rd air brigade of the U.S. Army! And might get Delta force training in iregullar warfare as well!

P.S: Rember in any kind of war!

Especially the case in guerrilla/insurgent warfare or civil war!

You cannot win those without!

A: Massive Local support!

And B: The brains and ability to self-organize and finance operations!

Europeans such as Ukrainians obviously have both in spades!

Because without them! Putler would whooped and crushed their @$$ES A LOOOONNG time ago!

But he didn't... because he seriously miscalculated and got the wrong idea of what the nation was all about and what bound it despite its many diverse regions!
Americarules1776 Featured By Owner 5 days ago
What the communists have done to our two nations won't last for long as long as we remember our culture and defend it with our lives then the enemy can't take it from us. we must revolt if they pull the last straws. Europe maybe lost but North America won't be gone we will survive when the time comes the revolution will happen. Hopefully Trump gets elected if he does then we can see real change on the homefront i only hope Canada can take itself back from it's corrupt government.
Hettman Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Careful with such brazen language...

The rogue intelligence community is already monitoring this internet channel by a long shot!

But on the issue of ousting the losers out of parlement hill is nigh impossible unlike in your republican pseudo-democracy!

We cannot impeach the prime minister even with 2/3rd's of parlement/Supreme Court, or the whole country against him!

The best we could do is ask the govener general/or Queen Elizabeth the second directly to directly intervene on our behalf and do something about him for behaving like pseudo-liberal dictator!

He didn't allow any conscious voting during the first 2 readings of Bill C-14 ! And basically told most MP's if they defied him, they'd lose their jobs! Unlike the conservatives!.....

Their was one MP who did defy him regardless of the consequences of that action!

And guess who did it?....

A First Nation, Native aboriginal Robert-Falcon Oullette!…

Of all the people to do such a brave action.....

I should send him a hand crafted thank you car for that act!

Man.... I can't believe I am saying this but I already miss the pragmatic and semi-sane right honourable Steven Harper as the leader of this great commonwealth country.....

When he left office, he left it and the country more integrated and less devided when he first entered despite his uncharismatic style!

Which I guess people hate him because he was a bit more blunt and honest than the average corrupt politician....

Though don't get me wrong, he is no Saint!

No politician is immune from that allure of the power hungry vice of his office and the business elites that surround us all.

Man why can't politicians have same level/standard of decency, and be real statesmen, as well as possessing real untarnished integrity as the late honourable Thomas Moore of Britain did!

Despite the fact he himself was a well off politician and walked through the halls of west minster itself! And all the jesters and demons that prowl it's halls to this very day......Crippling the average Northern-Irish, Anglo, welsh, and Scottish people with incredible burdens and vices since the introduction of the fraudulent British war debt tax of 1815!
grisador Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015
Americarules1776 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
This is horrifyingly interesting if your a American Russian and Chinese person.
Yoshipoo Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
Wait nevermind but why the flip did they put prussia in there?
YNot1989 Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I pretty much abandoned this scenario a while ago.
Yoshipoo Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
Wtf are the names of the abbreviations?
Ariksbla Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
no...kosovo is serbia...
realevilcorgi Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Albania and Serbia both at one point maintained claims on the Kosovo region. It could honestly go to either, if not as an independent region.
YNot1989 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sure it is. And Taiwan is China.
Beastboss Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
YAY Prussia is back thank you ;)
KomisarioPalmu Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013
I only feel disgust at the EU. It does not work, it worked when it was only a economic union bot now it has become an impossible politic union. The differences of the European peoples are too huge and in the coming 20 years, the EU will first divide into poor and rich parts and then it will break up and the nations will once again get their independence back.
Tyrni-Karpalo Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree.
YNot1989 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You cannot have economic union without political union. The EU wanted all the benefits of Federation but didn't want to pay the price of Federation: Sovereignty. If Europe committed to a true federation Western Europe may have had a chance, but now I'm placing my bets entirely on Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.
Americarules1776 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2016
Good if it falls apart then the US can have more influence on Europe again and so can Russia.
America takes West while Russia takes East it works better that way.
Waracki99 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
Why the hell Is turkey in EU? Switzerland never come to Eu, and Russia ... hahaha
labo77 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013  Student Photographer
There was not anybody ever we divided Turkey would make me laugh
LaTexiana Featured By Owner May 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ooooo grammar. No idea what this is trying to say.
yellow-submarine7 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
I think it Will be very hard to do this.
For the information, I'm french.
YNot1989 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I no longer believe an EU is possible either, Europe has clearly shown that they are unwilling to pay the price of federation.
Waracki99 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013
I hope EU will fall soon! It's a Treason against the free People, nothing more than corporatism-socialism imperium.
YNot1989 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Try using grownup words instead of what you think are grownup words.
Simocarina Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2013
you have not perfectly drawn Occitania limits right.
Icyton Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Why is Scania so big here? Scania has always consisted of the bottom part of Sweden that lies beyond the Smolandian highlands.
Gulptan Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Because we are awesome, this is my very unbiased opinion. I repeat i am not scanian.
GibbleGarp Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
Does the European Federal Union share an alliance with the U.S? Or are they complete enemies now?
YNot1989 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
There aren't really enemies in this scenario, the nations of Earth have no reason to be adversarial thanks to post scarcity economics.
gilotyna815 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
If we are redistributing Europe, I must ask on behalf of the Poland to give us back L'viv... and the rest of Belarus and Ukraine while you are it ;P.
YNot1989 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
See my other maps for that.
Spiritswriter123 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This could very possibly solve many problems (Although I don't agree with Prussian and Polish borders), all these have just a slight cultural difference from each other that have been fixed with their own state
Jaldithas Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2013
lol..Bohemia and Czech
SoaringAven Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
O___o . . . . why is Czech separate from Bohemia? . . . what you have labelled as CZ is actually Moravia and i think that they would take offence to be called Czech if Bohemia has their historical name
Jestemturk Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
what about TK?
YNot1989 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What about it?
Jestemturk Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
what is TK mean
YNot1989 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Turkey I guess.
eddsworldbatboy1 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
yu forgot kosovo
YNot1989 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No I didn't, I lumped them into Albania.
eddsworldbatboy1 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I saw anothermistake you forgot to Put HN in the description as hungary
eddsworldbatboy1 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
i saw a mistake for Rhineland... in the pic it says RL but in the description it says RI
Cheetaaaaa Featured By Owner May 10, 2012
Can you give me a link to the coat of arms or submit it? :)
YNot1989 Featured By Owner May 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hm, not a bad idea.
Cheetaaaaa Featured By Owner May 10, 2012
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