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Lylat system map :iconnorsehound:Norsehound 119 29 Italian Empire after Axis victory in WW2 - part 1 :icon1blomma:1Blomma 73 10 Sheikhs of Mercury :iconsera-fim:Sera-Fim 31 20 Angels of Venus :iconsera-fim:Sera-Fim 32 16 The Second World War - Atlantean Theater :iconcourageouslife:CourageousLife 32 1 Languages ca. 1500 in the Holy Frankish Empire :icontonio103:Tonio103 67 17 Westeros :iconkaloith:Kaloith 12 12 English as an official language :iconsiliconferret:SiliconFerret 17 0 Map of the United States of North Caucasus :iconcoliop-kolchovo:Coliop-Kolchovo 32 0 Flags of Central Europe :iconfenn-o-manic:Fenn-O-maniC 50 2 City of Urna, Architectural Monuments :iconbuilt4ever:Built4ever 290 25 Where Hearts Were Entertaining June (1592) :icontoixstory:ToixStory 54 16 The Wet West, Great Lakes Earth :iconjdailey1991:Jdailey1991 22 15 Greater Syria :iconjockehh:Jockehh 47 30 CURRENT: Game of Thrones AU: The North :icondovahfahliil:DovahFahliil 91 25 Panlatin Sector (no toponyms) - Terraformed Mars :iconlorec10:LoreC10 26 27


Commissions are Open
Well, I'm finally broke enough to open up for commissions. I've never done this before, don't really know how it works, so I apologize in advance for any difficulties that may arise.

*Flag or Seal with existing logo - $5
**Variation with different existing logos - $2 for each additional flag or seal
*Flag or Seal with modified logo - $10
*Custom Flag or Seal - $20

*Small Wikia style map - $5
*Large Regional Map - $10
**Country and Ocean Labels- $5
**Sea Labels - $5
**City Labels - $10
**Rivers - $10
**Longitude & Latitude -$5
**Weathering - $5
**Mars Map - $5
**Flooded Earth Map -$5

Single character sketches: $25
Single character animated style: $50

All prices are in $USD
Payment in points
Payment in advance: Money up front, or else I'm not doing the work.
No refunds. I'm not doing work only to find out the customer wants their money back.
- Fair warning, turnaround will vary.
- Feel free to scan my previous work if you want something similar as a reference
- all work will be uploaded online unless specified (surprise gift perhaps?) 


I'll update the IN PROGRESS ticker as this goes on.

In Progress:

Completed Commissions:

Commissioned Seal by YNot1989 


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Sean McKnight
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm just another denizen of the internet trying to add a little nuance where its needed, and a little bluntness where it's not.

I'm from Western Washington, though I currently reside in California.

I'm an actual Rocket Scientist (did research with rockets, and am an Aerospace Engineer).

Politically I can best be described as Liberal American Imperialist; so basically I want Universal Healthcare as an excuse to annex Canada.

I love sci-fi movies, books, and TV shows, classic cars and modern ones too, bitching about politics, speculating about the future, and analyzing the past.

Current Residence: Lancaster, California
Favorite genre of music: Rock in all its forms and all its glory!
Favorite animated character: Spike Spiegel
Favorite literary character: Takeshi Kovacs


The History of Martian Terra-forming Pt. 1
2023 - Expedition 1: The Mars Corporation launches its first manned mission to Mars. 

2024 - Humans on Mars: Meridian Base is established in Margaritifer. Bradbury Base is established in lower Tharsis shorly.

2027 - Heinlein Station is established in the Tharsis Territory. The Mars Corporation begin distributing genetically modified bacteria across Mars to generate ozone, oxygen, and heat. Other species are introduced to process the toxic dirt into usable soil.

2030: In-Situ 3D Printers begin building propulsion systems on Ice and Carbon rich asteroids in the Asteroid Belt to send them on the long, eccentric orbit into the Martian atmosphere.

2031: MarsCorp and Venus Group begin building of a series of propulsion systems on the largest asteroids in the belt using In-Situ Printers. Similar efforts are made on Phobos and Deimos to position them in more stable orbits and collide with these other bodies, thus creating larger moons to build a more permanent magnetic field.

2033 - The Green Magnetoshield is placed at Mars L1. The inflatable superconducting coil provides a 2 Tesla Magnetic Field to protect Mars from solar radiation.

2035 - Praxis Group begins construction of the first Space Elevator on Mars using Molecular Compilers originally developed for DNA printing.

2036 - Solar Reflectors arrive at Mars. Named for ancient gods of the Sun and Dawn, these continent sized mirrors begin accelerating the heating of the planet.

2037 - The Gondor Colony is established on Titan to send valuable Nitrogen to Mars. The First seas appear on Mars.

2039 - Huygens Agreement: MarsCorp and Galileo Development enter into a partnership that binds the inner and outer system's colonies under a single market, and ensures Nitrogen from Titan will flow to Mars unabated. MarsCorp begins deploying hosts of genetically modified algae, lichens, fungi, and mosses across the planet to aid in terraforming. 

2041 - Vesta and Pollux reach Martian orbit and are heated using the mirrors to a semi-molten state, along with Deimos. All three bodies collide into eachother and fuse into a single mass that takes on a spheroidal shape. 

2044 - Several "Cold Pockets" are created on New Deimos using graphene heat sinks to bleed off the intense heat near the surface. 

2047 - Mars's expanding seas are stocked with genetically tailored corals as the algae blooms that thrive in the iron rich seas produce a great deal of oxygen. The first hosts of planktonic organisms are stocked into the oceans to keep the algae populations in check.

2051 - Martian surface pressure in Valles Marineris is now high enough for humans to operate without pressure suits.
I cannot recommend this read enough for people looking for a new perspective on creating alternate history scenarios.…
2051: Luna and Orbit
The first half of the 21st Century saw humanity spread out into space, setting up colonies reaching the edge of the solar system, terraforming planets and moons, and even moving the largest asteroids into new orbits. In the Earth-Luna system, this was largely limited to the development of the Moon and the Lagrangian points. Asteroids were positioned and parked into stable gravitational pockets around the Earth and the moon, either to serve as anchors for the great elevators, or quarried in clusters for mining. By 2050, the US Geological Survey estimated that 25% of all raw materials used on Earth were mined in space, and the computer and pharma industries had become dependent on in-space manufacturing and research. The GDP of the Lunar and Orbital Economies exceeded 25 Trillion-USD, largely controlled by the US and Japan who had committed the most resources toward capturing asteroids and developing infrastructure in space.

While both the US and Japan held relatively equal sway over Cislunar space, the Moon was increasingly seen as being dominated by the United States. American Lunar colonies were home to 70% of the lunar population, controlled 83% of all Helium-3 reserves, and the Tycho shipyards that birthed the Orbital Command Stations serviced the creation of fleets of ships, both civilian and military. Meanwhile, Japan's bases were predominantly military or research in nature, and were positioned on the Far Side of the Moon. American dominance of the Moon was largely responsible for continued American dominance in Space. The Asteroids were too vulnerable to serve as bases for military operations (though Japan was certainly challenging that with their facilities on the Akiyama asteroid at L3), while the Moon was far more defensible and control of its Helium-3 industry allowed the US to field and fuel its Orbital Command Stations that surrounded the Earth and had been used to blockade Japan's sea and space assets to devastating effect.

Many feel if war will break out between the US and Japan, it will start in space. Likely on the Moon where Japan has been building up its military positions since its nuclear test in 2039. The US and Japan are both believed to possess secret military instillations across the Lunar surface, preparing for what many in the US Space Command belive will be inevitable.
Second Vietnam War

Americans love to say Mexico started the Mex-American Cold War when they annexed central America. Mexicans say America started it when their colonies created the Quantum Economic Model. While the mass deportations of the Lachman years highlighted the tension between two countries who had known relative peace for more than a century, it was the QEM that many felt was the true cause of the confrontation. For this contingent of Mexican society (the business class) the true conflict was not to their neighbor to their north, but to their neighbor's children: the American colonies. By the end of the 21st Century, Mexico had risen to become the world's 3rd largest economy, largely due to an extremely market oriented society built on International Trade. Mexico had far less territory to travel between ports to both oceans, and could support a much more rapid exchange of material goods between the world's oceans than the US. In essence, the flow of global trade for many countries was controlled by Mexico. As such, the QEM was the greatest danger to Mexico's very society. Or, so the business class believed; regardless, it was this way of thinking that governed Mexico's efforts to stop the spread of the QEM to Earth.

In 2101 Vietnam held the most contentious election in its history. Nguyen Tan Luong was a reformer who called for Vietnam to adopt the Quantum Economic Model, much as its neighbor China was attempting to do, and unite the East in a common market. Luong was opposed by candidates backed by Mexico, and were vehemently opposed to the QEM. Luong narrowly won the election, leading to riots across the country's northern territories. Luong was captured in a military coup shortly after taking office, and a Junta was put in place that called for new elections. The US supported Luong's election and Mexico supported the claims by the Junta that Luong was a dangerous radical. What followed was a costly war in Southeast Asia that would lead to the collapse of China and redefine the balance of power across the Earth.

Well, we may only be into February, but I think I'm ready to edit the Second Renaissance and give a name to the 2020 Democratic Candidate... Corey Booker. Now, I want to make one thing perfectly clear: I do not know if Booker will win the nomination, but my gut tells me someone like him will be the likely winner: a centrist Democrat, who's a bit more moderate than Clinton in his support of Free Trade, who has been willing to admit that his party has made mistakes and has made overtures that Americans (ALL Americans) must come together. If you want a preview of what his convention speech will sound like take a look at Barbara Jordan's Keynote address to the 1976 Democratic Convention. Most importantly the nominee will be someone with the Presidential Voice. After 4 years of Trump, Americans are going to latch onto someone who actually sounds like a president.

Now it might not be Booker, there are a handful of other Democrats with the characteristics I just described: Joe Biden, Deval Patrick, Michelle Obama (please, please, please, please, PLEASE RUN MICHELLE!), or it could honestly be someone entirely unheard of. Someone who is active at the state level, or been retired for a while, hell it might even be a Republican who switches parties. But Booker is the most visible example right now, and I'm tired of just referring to the next president as BLANK. So at the risk of me jinxing the outcome of the next election as I had pretty consistently throughout 2016, I'm just gonna make BLANK Corey Booker for now.
  • Listening to: Stan Rogers
  • Reading: Geopolitical Futures
  • Playing: Nothing



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Freedim Featured By Owner 4 days ago
I was wondering if maybe you could do a map showing the physical maps of the flood? Like your 'Sea of the Sahara' map?
Freedim Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
How do you think Gorsuch's confirmation will go? Do you think the Democrats will try to filibuster him, or will just enough vote for him. And if they do, do you think the Republicans will abolish the filibuster?
YNot1989 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He'll probably get confirmed, but the Dems will make Trump pay for it. Truth is as satisfying as it would be to put a moderate in Scalia's seat, the left knows the right was never going to accept it when Obama was in office, and fighting it now would be a waste of breath unless Gorsuch either sandbags his hearing or something really bad is uncovered.... and considering how fast and loose Trump has played his vetting, that's not out of the question.
naf140230 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017
Rachel Maddow supposedly has a bombshell regarding Trump's tax returns. What do you think?
YNot1989 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think its another innocuous story that do little more than give the left some red meat. Let me know when the AP claims they have a "bombshell" regarding so and so... oh wait, the AP are professionals and only clickbaity writers use the word "Bombshell" leading up to a post.
naf140230 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017
It ended up being little more than a distraction. It did not last long.
Freedim Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2017
1. Have you heard rumors about Republican states calling for a constitutional convention? If so, do you think it will happen?
Do you see this happening to the EPA? Do you think Congress will approve Trump's proposed budget cuts to it?
Could you see Caroline Kennedy as being the Democrat you envision for 2020 on the wiki?
4. Where do you see renewable energy in this country in four years?
YNot1989 Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1. Yes, and I doubt anything will come of it.

2. Welp, the EPA looks like it will remain standing, but severely underfunded.

3. I'm not sure. I think its possible, but not likely. 

4. Stronger and more expansive than ever despite the White House's continued effort to stop it, which will include some annoying measures to stall certain projects, but won't reverse the market trend.
Freedim Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017
I intend to create posts on the wiki for the Visegrad Group and the Trans-Pacific Forum. I'm not entirely sure what to say for the TPF though. What do you think?
YNot1989 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Trans-Pacific Forum grew out of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership. After the Late 2010s Recession began, negotiations on the TPP resumed as member states looked for a means of improving economic growth. The Free trade zone was scaled back somewhat, and more was included to promote cooperation of infrastructure. Both agreements were superseded in favor of the Trans-Pacific Forum treaty in 2022 which included the Chinese while the US and the Americas remained observer states, adopting common shipping practices and collaborating on select infrastructure programs, but largely opting out of the Free Trade Zone. As the Japanese became more assertive they eventually withdrew and in 2044 the US pushed for the TPF to adopt a common security agreement with the remaining member states.
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