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Mars 2037: First Wave by YNot1989
Mars 2037: First Wave

Necessity is the mother of invention, and wars, cold and hot, breed a sense of necessity. The Little Cold War spurred a new era in spaceflight as the US military began to realize its position in space was no longer unassailable. To counter Russian anti-satellite technologies, billions of dollars were pumped into upgrading US launch capabilities, developing in-orbit refueling capabilities, and expanded communications networks. To justify the expense and keep the total military commitment from the public eye, President Clinton proposed an ambitious program to place a human on Mars within the next ten years. A lofty goal for some, a foregone conclusion for others, as SpaceX had already planned on a landing in 2026. The infusion of funds, pushed that date to 2023, and the crafting of the Mars Corporation guaranteed that Musk's vision for a colonization effort would be carried out regardless of a (let's be frank) inevitable loss of interest by the government. The founders of MarsCorp would equal the financial commitments of NASA, but SpaceX and Lunar Energy Ltd. had jointly committed to picking up the slack if necessary. The first mission, made up entirely of NASA scientists and astronauts, launched in 2023 from Cape Canaveral to dock with the Earth-Escape Propulsion Module in orbit around the Moon. The massive Mars Colonial Transporter, propelled by the EEPM reached Martian orbit in just 30 days.

The first steps at Meridian Base were viewed more of the planet than any event before, igniting an unprecedented surge in entrepreneurial activity for spaceflight. Whole companies were formed just to service the waves of people seeking passage on a SpaceX Transporter. In 2026, one such adventurer, Lionel Halvidar, left for Mars, selling his shares in a marginally successful startup and all his assets on Earth to book passage for himself and ten crew members aboard a private Mars Colonial Transporter. Halvidar's small crew was one of the few private colonial efforts outside of MarsCorp's colony planning. Halvidar's mission landed him just outside of Bradbury Landing. While the Public believed the colonization efforts were going well, the truth of the matter was that while the colonies were largely self sufficient, they were plagued by disorder and a low productivity. Perhaps because of this, Halvidar's team quickly became a curiosity to the settlers at Bradbury. The team at Halvidar's colony were far more productive than their neighbors, building ore processing plants, steel mills and concrete mico-factories. For the most part, the residents of both settlements kept to themselves, until the peak of the long Martian winter of AC 3 (Mars calendar). Bradbury proper was facing constant bickering between settlers, food was being produced at just subsistence levels and none of the colonists were filling their duties as scientists or technicians, or assistant said efforts in the case of colonists who bought their way to Mars. One night, there was a knock at the airlock door of the Bradbury habitat. Two of the colony's factions were bickering over the moral arguments for terraformation when two colonists from Halvidar's camp walked in carrying something that looked like a mini-fridge on a handtruck. The argument stopped when they opened it, as the smell of bread, honey, butter, and coffee filled the musty air of the hab. Within minutes the colonists were trying to barter just for a taste of any of the goods that simply did not exist anywhere else on Mars. Grain wasn't banned, but discouraged by the colony planners in favor of leafy greens and beans. An area intensive plant like wheat was simply not seen as practical. But Halvidar's camp were now the only people on Mars with access to creature comforts, and colonists would do anything for them, including leaving their colonies to work for Halvidar's camp. There were some rumors that colony leaders were even "selling," technicians to Halvidar's camp for just an ounce of the Sumatran blend of coffee that was being produced at Bradbury.

By the end of winter of AC 3, Bradbury's two settlements had joined as one, created the first real governing body on the planet to properly administer the colony, and began to sponsor the construction of new colonies across Tharsis to aid them in construction of the first Colony Dome to produce more goods than the rest of the planet combined. It didn't take long after the construction of the Bradbury Dome for the Tharsian colonies to begin pushing an agenda for an aggressive terraforming effort. MarsCorp endorsed scientific outposts had distributed limited samples of genetically modified bacteria in enclosed spaces, but MarsCorp was largely being blocked by NASA from proceeding with full transformation, and it was largely believed to be the result of opposition by the new administration. The loss of the Greenland Ice Sheet and rising sea levels had spawned a kind-of new-Luddite movement that blamed human meddling for the loss of the Ice Caps and opposed directed efforts on Mars. The loss of colonists/laborers to the Bradbury/Tharsis colonies pushed the other members of MarsCorp to more strongly advocate for an agressive terraforming campaign. Bacteria test chambers across the planet are opened to improve the soil base, and the first mirrors constructed by Lunar Energy Ltd. were finally permitted to be sent to Mars to begin surfacing heating. By 2030 the icy and carbon rich asteroids were deorbited on long re-entry paths into the atmosphere releasing huge amounts of heat energy or blanketing the poles with a black soot. Disposable drones were automatically produced and dispersed GM bacteria and lichens across the surface to take advantage and further spur these conditions. These organisms, spread across the planet's surface processing the toxic dust into a usable soil base and extracting greenhouse gasses from the soil. When a given condition of these organisms would be met (O3 levels rising to a certain point, the selenium content of the soil, etc.) a fail-safe in their genome would trigger their demise, depositing more vitamins into the new soil base. Meanwhile orbital mirrors, constructed out of next generation nanoprinters on the moon, were deployed to heat up the surface of the planet. Additionally, the new space elevator allowed asteroid mining firms from Earth via their new Martian colonies to set out for the Asteroid belt and begin peppering Mars with asteroids to generate more heat, and by 2036, even expand the size of Mars's moons by moving several large asteroids to Martian orbit. From this continuous addition of heat and a thicker atmosphere to hold it all in, Mars began to develop oceans. The red planet now had a foundation from which to develop a biosphere, and while it would take decades, Mars was now on its way to habitability. In 2037, MarsCorp moved its permanent headquarters to Viking City on Mars itself, a somewhat ironic development, as the colony had been established by the Bradbury working group.

So apparently NASA and AmericaMakes are having a little competition to 3D Print on Mars for colonization. Give these daffy bastards your support:
So I've been watching Dragon Ball Super recently... and much like the rest of the people who've been watching it I have some issues with the animation quality, but the story is ok. But lately I've been thinking about a rumor I heard that series creator Akira Toriyama originally planned to close the series at the Freiza Saga with Goku's death... and then another rumor that Goku was intended to stay dead at the end of the Cell Saga. And that got me thinking: Ignore the Buu Saga, and the natural progression of the Dragon Ball Z storyline isn't about Goku; its about Gohan. Goku was supposed to peak training in the time chamber to fight cell, and becoming an Ascended Saiyan was only possible for Gohan because mystical hidden power BS. And I've been trying to figure out how all this went wrong and it finally hit me: The Namekian Dragon Balls. The second they introduced the concept of repeatable wishes (i.e. bring someone back to life as many times as you like), Goku could remain the main character indefinately... so I'm going to cobble a brief timeline to speculate what Dragon Ball series were were SUPPOSED to get. 

After defeating Freiza, Goku has indeed survived the destruction of Namek, but the Namekian dragon can't bring back Chaozu OR Krillin. Tien elects to remain on King Kai's world with his friend and continue training. Yamcha becomes a more important character at this point, effectively filling the roles of Tien and Krillin. So he's effectively the strongest human and our comic relief. So replace everything Tien and Krillin did in the Android saga with Yamcha... yes that means he becomes infatuated with 18 (which actually makes more sense for his arc since he came out of a long term relationship that was kinda important to the events of Dragon Ball, and Toriyama literally pulled a Bulma Fanwank clone out of his ass to slap together a similar arc for Krillin). Now Goku sacrifices himself after Gohan becomes an Ascended Saiyan, but he takes Cell out into the middle of space, because why would he choose King Kai's planet? Cell comes back, Gohan defeats him, and Goku is left dead.

Cut to 7 years later and Gohan is now the main protagonist of the series. He looks (and sounds) much more like the Gohan of the History of Trunks (+2 arms) and is going to school while training with Piccolo and Turnks. Goten can exist, but he and Trunks aren't kid super saiyans, because that is stupid. Chi Chi and Gohan are having trouble making ends meet, so when he learns about the new World Tournament from Videl (who does not become a house wife, because Japanese sexism is stupid), he naturally enters to make some money to support his mother and little brother. Vegeta enters as well, along with Piccolo and Yamcha (both of whom, by the way, can use the Kaioken, because why wouldn't they?). Yamcha has since settled down with 18 and has a daughter named Maron (we can say that was the name of 18's mother, because how creepy is it to name your first child after your ex-girlfriend?) Buu doesn't exist, neither do the Supreme Kais or the Z Sword or Super Saiyan 3. This saga is about the Gohan's first real challenge as protector of the Earth. Babidi is instead another former claimant to the throne of Kami, who's a little pissed some squirt from Namek is Guardian after his old rival died. He has been slowly assimilating people with his magic and building an army. At the world tournament, we see how Vegeta and Gohan's relationship has evolved. Vegeta treats him very much like a kid, but is visibly hate filled that no matter how hard he pushes himself, he simply isn't capable of becoming an Ascended Saiyan, and will never surpass Gohan. Insert Majin Vegeta saga, and cut out everything that isn't Gohan and Vegeta fighting, Piccolo and Yamcha defending the Lookout from Babidi's minions (hell, you can have Trunks and Goten join them). Then you Empire Strikes back that shit. Piccolo dies, Gohan falls fighting against Vegeta, the lookout falls to Babidi, and Yamcha manages to escape with his life with the boys.

Cut to a year later and the Earth has gone to hell in a handbasket. This new saga is about Bulma, 18, Yamcha and the boys tracking down the dragon balls. Capsul corp is in ruins so no ship to Namek, and no instant transmission. The show goes back to its roots, but with a kinda post-apocalyptic vibe. We see Bulma and 18 grow as characters, Yamcha deal with working with his wife and ex, and Trunks and Goten emulate Goku and Krillin when they were kids. Meanwhile, Gohan is training on King Kai's planet with Tien and we'll give a Goku cameo just for shits and giggles, hell, you can teach Gohan instant transmission at this point if you really wanted. Once Bulma and the others find the dragon balls they revive Gohan. We see Vegeta is in magic chains at the Lookout, too strong willed to be kept at bay even with Babidi's curse. But they let him off the chain once Gohan makes his way there. They fight, and Gohan almost kills him, but like his father before him, let's the saiyan prince life. Babidi is deposed and the epilogue shows Bulma re-establishing Capsule Corp with Vegeta, who's working with Gohan and the boys to rebuild the Earth. Gohan is also a researcher at Capsule Corp trying to reverse engineer Ki energy for general use, so the Earth will no longer depend on single warriors again. Yamcha is training to become the next Turtle Master, and the world is coming back from the brink.

Now wasn't that better than a fat infant who turns people into chocolate fighting a guy who puts 90s Mullet Superman to Crappy Character Design shame?
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HeliosMegistos Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
Historically why did the Democrat and Republican parties gradualyl switch positions ideaologically so to speak and geographical strongholds eg the Republicans used to be mainly in the North and West Coast and the Democrats in the South in terms of voters ?
YNot1989 Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, before the 1960s the party's both had liberal and conservative wings, the product of the coalitions the parties had to build with various interests they needed to achieve their goals. The democratic party was founded to represent poorer non-Anglican white farmers in the South and the farm belt, the Republicans represented the interests of industrialists and the children of wealthier farming families from the frontier/Heartland who sought professional jobs in major cities. Interests were what mattered to the parties back then, not ideology, that was merely a biproduct of their founding. Then the Progressive movement happened at the turn of the 20th Century which represented the interests of poorer laborers in major cities and southern farming communities. Both parties and an attempted Progressive Party all espoused Progressivism in the election of 1912, but with the Socialist and Progressive parties dying young and the established agrarian interests in the Democratic party, vs the wealthier business interests in the Republican party that grew out of those successive generations of city-dwelling processionals in the 1860s, Progressives mostly flocked to the Democrats. BUT the interest system still held, and in the election of 1932 FDR got into office with Urban laborers and poorer Southern Whites. Republicans continued to represent urban business interests, the farm-belt, and urban professionals more than Democrats BUT by this point the left-right split in both parties began to grow more pronounced. Laborers and African-Americans started to outnumber Southern Whites in the Democratic party and by the 1950s with the civil rights movement, Southern Whites started running pretty regular third party candidates rather than joining the Democrats. Even JFK kept the Roosevelt coalition alive which just barely let him eek into the White House in 1960 when Nixon's Republican party was gaining momentum with suburban professionals in the post-war era. In 1964 the split between left and right came to a head at the height of the civil rights movement. Johnson threw the Democrats behind the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights act because he honestly didn't need to care about the South with how well he was polling. Barry Goldwater basically gathered up those votes (without Nixon to keep both factions of the Republican party together) and lost badly, but the schism in the Republican party and the alliance with Southern Whites set the stage for Nixon's coalition in 1968 which he cemented in 1972, binding the Republican Midwestern voting bloc, business interests and now southern whites, all who shared a pretty similar idea about civil rights and small government. The Democrats were left with minorities and urban laborers. They tried the southern strategy in 1976, but once Reagan showed up the Nixon Coalition became the Reagan coalition and we've been stuck in that world ever since. The only major changes since then have been the shift in urban professionals to the Democratic party thanks to the DotCom boom in the 90s and the growing population of minorities. 
HeliosMegistos Featured By Owner 7 hours ago
Will there be any big galactic wars of Human civil wars post Earth unification in the Second Renaissance ?
YNot1989 Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
TheTexasRanger Featured By Owner 2 days ago
So I remember being told that when the Martian colonies became states that the number of representatives was raised to 1 thousand but when the commonwealths were formed are the number of representatives to the Earth Commonwealth the same thousand even or was it changed with the addition of the land the U.S. On earth annexed?
YNot1989 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Wyoming Rule was put into effect. So the Earth Commonwealth's got a legislative chamber comparable to the National People's Congress in China. The capitol remains in San Francisco (which too a major beating during the war, so the Earth Capitol District is all new) As for the U.S. Congress (still in D.C.) they kept the 1000 person cap for now.
TheTexasRanger Featured By Owner 1 day ago
So how are the commonwealth governments constructed like? And how are they represented to the federal government.
YNot1989 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Commonwealth Governments look a lot like the Federal Government just with a Planetary Governor instead of a President. States are represented with 2 Senators, population based representatives from the various states. At the federal level each Commonwealth get's 2 Senators (there's only 18 as of 2160), and is represented in the House by population based divisions of electoral districts, which are generated algorithmically from a collection of various states for the sake of granting regions of the planet representation in Congress. It doesn't really matter that the Senate and Congress have such a wide gulf in membership because very few measures are brought before the Federal Government anymore. Commonwealths basically govern themselves, and all Federal Services are administered by the QEM. Planetary Governments handle things like biosphere cultivation and basically do the jobs that the old Working Groups used to do during early settlement of the Solar System. The Federal Government's only real job is baby-sitting Earth while it slowly unifies, overseeing the exploration of the Galaxy, and dealing with alien civilizations when they're encountered. In terms of actual legislation that get's passed, its usually just ceremonial measures or deciding if they should terraform this planet or that planet.
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microwavedreams Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Do you think Biden will enter the race? And if he did, how would that affect the Clint's chances?
YNot1989 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I doubt it. If he enters it means Clinton would already be out after some big scandal. But I doubt her emails are gonna do anything more than stick in the craw of people who weren't gonna vote for her to begin with. Honestly, I'm wondering if Biden's doing this to force another option: A third term as VP under Clinton. Only two people have ever done that: John C. Calhoun and George Clinton. It would give him a stronger position in the next cabinet, protect Obama's legacy, and establish him as something more than a historical footnote. 

But I could be wrong.
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