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Thinking of putting a few pieces up as Prints to keep the lights on. Any requests?
Justice League: 1995 by YNot1989
Justice League: 1995
WB Animation, YOUNG JUSTICE. I claim no ownership of the character or his various incarnation across the DC multiverse, this was developed from an existing template.

So here we come to my third Justice League movie idea. This would follow a DC Tier Three set of movies: Batman: The Killing Joke, which follows Batman's final battle against the Joker in 1989, ending in Batman finally killing the Joker and hanging up the cowl; Flash: Speed Force set in 1991, following Barry Allan's merger with the Speed Force and Wally West's ascension as the new Flash, and Superman: Doomsday, set in 1992 following the death of Superman at the hands of Doomsday, a being reverse engineered from Superman's DNA by LexCorp who secretly funded genetic research under the guise of the Human Genome Project. A subplot of Doomsday is Hal Jordan's breakdown and conversion to Paralax which is our teaser at the end of the movie. This movie is a kind of second origin for a New Justice League, formed in the wake of Superman's death by the new Batman: Dick Grayson. With Superman's death a new generation of criminals have come into the forefront committing acts of random violence, a reflection on the more tragic crimes of the 1990s like Waco, Columbine, the LA Riots, and the Oklahoma City bombing. The movie would follow Batman's efforts to recruit the new generation of heroes to work together to reduce the random violence of the era, and by the middle of the film, defend the Earth against Paralax, the former Green Lantern once known as Hal Jordan.

Anyway, the Roster from left to right.

John Stewart: The Third Green Lantern - This is by far my favorite Green Lanter, because he brings the sense of duty of Hal Jordan without the arrogance or the hyper conservatism. John took up the role of Green Lantern at the end of Superman: Doomsday when Hal Jordan goes bonkers and wipes out a sizable portion of Oa before being driven back into the void. He's a veteran of Desert Storm and a Marine Corps pilot. He never faced Paralax when he first struck Oa, and feels as though his enlistment in the Green Lantern Corps was something the Guardians were hesitant to carry out, given that a human is their greatest traitor.

Dick Grayson: The Second Batman - The founder of the new Justice League, Grayson isn't nearly as brooding as his predecessor, and patrols a Gotham that needs a Batman far less than it did in Wayne's day. By day Dick is an associate and Wayne Enterprises under the aging Lucius Fox, and one of the few people Bruce is still willing to open up to after the death of the Joker and what happened to Barbara. He is a worthy successor to the cowl, and operates out of the Cave beneath Wayne Manor, officially visiting Bruce as his adoptive son. He is assisted by Barbara Gordon, confined to a wheelchair since her assault at the hands of the Joker, and acting as Dick's eyes and ears. When he is away with the League, Dick delegates his duties to Tim Drake (Red Robin) and Damian Wayne, currently the fourth Robin and Bruce Wayne's bastard son. Grayson believes the world needs a Justice League because the problems of the world are no longer limited to street crime, but the threat of random acts of violence and disorder. He feels that if this new Justice League remains impartial in politics, it could avoid the pitfalls that destroyed the first League. Where the Bruce Wayne of this universe is very much Frank Miller's Batman, Dick Grayson is more like the Batman of the animated series (before season four or the JLU), he smiles, has a life outside of the cowl, and wears it out of a sense of duty to the downtrodden rather than some quest for vengeance. He is still the brains (and in some sense the money) behind the new League, but he has more heart than his predecessor.

Kara Kent: Supewoman - The most unwilling member of the League, by far. Kara has spent the last ten years away from hero duty, going to college, restoring Kent Farm to its former glory, and trying to have a quiet life away from the world that has hurt her too many times to count. She sees Jonn J'onzz once a week for therapy secession, and while she's doing much better than after her abduction at the hands of Darkseid, she isn't initially willing to get back out to hero work. It is only after one of her regular visits with Lois Lane (Superman's widow and the closest thing to family she still has), that she decides the world needs a Superman, or in this case as Superwoman. Lois is now editor of the Daily Planet, and between the grief she feels for Clark's death and the constant barrage of news of massacres against the innocent, Kara seems to have switched roles as the sympathetic ear. She joins the League, and takes up the mantle of Superwoman, and finds herself rediscovering the joy she felt as a teenager when she used her powers to help people. By the end of the movie, we see her overcome her personal daemons to defeat Hal Jordan and ascend to become the leader the League needs.

Diana: Wonder Woman - The only remaining member of the first Justice League. After a decade in exile on Themyscira after Steve Trevor's death, Diana is now one of two remaining Amazons on the island, accompanied only by her mother's attendant, Philippus. Diana is reluctant to rejoin Man's world, but agrees to do so after Dick reminds her that there is nothing for her on Themyscira anymore. She leaves the island to serve as the Leader of the League after encountering the reluctance of Kara. Wonder Woman is more matronly despite her same youthful appearance, the death of Steve still haunts her to this day. She returns to Man's world with a desire to find a new reason for being.

Wally West: The Third Flash - The original Kid Flash, Wally has proudly filled the shoes of his mentor Barry Alan after he merged with the Speed Force several years ago. Much more a talker than his predecessors, Wally is more of a sprinter, stopping to banter with those he's with and then start moving right on again. Wally is impulsive, and well meaning, but not known for thinking things through. Where Barry worked with surgical precision, Wally is more like an exploding packet of razor blades. I revamped his design to make him a little more unique than how he is normally depicted (usually its just the same outfit that Barry had), borrowing elements of his old Kid Flash costume. 
Superwoman: Kara Zor-El by YNot1989
Superwoman: Kara Zor-El
WB Animation, YOUNG JUSTICE, Supergirl. I claim no ownership of the character or her various incarnation across the DC multiverse, this was developed from an existing template.

Well this one might be the biggest change to the DC main cast. I'm just gonna say it, Supergirl is the most misused character in the DC pantheon. Here we have ANOTHER Kyrptonian (well, Argonian) and not once has the character been used to serve as anything other than a sex symbol to rope in young male readers, or at best a flying cheerleader. Her backstory has so much more potential and its always the same thing, teenage Argonian lands on Earth after loosing her whole family in the cateclysmac destruction of her home planet... or the bottling of Kandor if its in one of the dumber continuities. So here's what I'd change: Argo is a lost Kryptonian colony (as stated in my Superman story, Krypton had already been in decline for some time before Rao goes Nova), who's technology is closer to that of Earth than Krypton, but still an alien world. When Rao's supernova reaches Argo the planet's surface is laid to waste. It is only by the luck of being on a research station on the opposite side of the planet that Kara Zor-El was able to enter stasis and leave Argo's orbit. The last thing she sees before entering stasis is her father dying from the intense radiation of the nova. The guidance system of Kara's station follows the only Kryptonian beacon it can find, the one belonging to Kal-El's ship. Her station enters Earth Orbit and crashes over the Pacific where Superman arrives and discovers one teenage girl still alive in an alien Cryo-stasis pod. After being carefully defrosted at STAR Labs, the girl is left in the custody of the closest thing she has to family, Superman. Now, instead of, Kara is super psyched to be on Earth and having super-powers, wouldn't it be more compelling if she had a very difficult time adjusting to life on Earth? Why not have her powers be the one thing she can escape into when she just can't deal with all the complexities of adjusting to life on an alien planet? There's a much more compelling coming of age story there, and you can even apply the story of an immigrant angle to it, because while it doesn't really work for Clark (him having no memory of Kyrpton) Kara had a whole life on another planet, another culture radically different to our own. Clark would try his best to help her adapt, but I don't think he'd have much luck relating to her, the only thing he could do to help her is encourage her to use her powers to help other people; here we could see her using her status as a superhero as a form of escapism, and reveals that only as Supergirl can she seem to find joy from life on Earth. This would have a whole new level of depth to this character, and make for a far more compelling story.

Additionally, its suggested (particularly in the Flashpoint Paradox story-arch) that Superman's physique is largely the result of his exposure to Earth's yellow sun... so why is Supergirl always a 5'9'' skinny blond girl? Wouldn't it make more sense if she showed up looking a lot like the Supergirl we know, but grew into someone with a build closer to that of Superman? Wouldn't that add even more depth to her? Now she's a teenager who is turning into this 6'6'' amazon, further ostracized by her peers, confused about where she belongs in this world, and in the exact kind of emotional state that a certain alien dictator tends to seek out to feed his army of brainwashed warriors. One might say he has a bit of a Dark Side? ... get it? Cause's its Darkseid. Darkseid does that... ok ok. So Darkseid abducts Kara and indoctrinates her into the Furies. Now when Superman comes to free her, she's gonna be even more messed up. So we write Kara out of the main story of the first and second tier DC dream-movies we've discussed so far... until Superman dies.

After Doomsday and Superman kill eachother, Hal Jordan goes nuts and Lex starts using his status to operate as a villain, the world is gonna need a new Justice League. Dick Grayson, the new Batman (I'll unveil him in my 1990s Justice League piece), works to build that new league and seeks out Kara to act in Superman's stead. Kara hasn't been Supergirl for about ten years, taking time off to attend college, and seeking the council of fellow perspective Leaguer and therapist Jonn J'onzz. Kara would remain inactive by wearing a Blue Kryptonite ring to hide her powers, however this would not stop her from absorbing yellow sunlight, which requires her to periodically release the build-up of energy in the form of heat vision. Kara also continued to physically grow as time passed, which she explained by joining a women's wrestling team in college. Upon graduating college with a degree in Horturculture studies, Kara moved to Kent Farm, which had fallen into disrepair over the years and began refurbishing it. It is only after Lois, Clark's widow, talks with her about her meeting with Dick, that Kara finally agrees to take up the mantle of Superwoman and join the new Justice league. Originally willing to take a subordinate role to Diana (Wonder Woman) Kara would go onto be the symbol that Clark once was, and eventually take on a more leading roll in the League. Additionally, this would serve as an effective transition between the generations of what Superman stood for. The 20th Century (mostly) superman would be an all-American golden boy, who never really confronts the injustices of his own country, trying to be a neutral symbol of hope. Kara could reflect the new generation of people trying to put right the social injustices of the world, and be willing to combat the hypocrisies of early 21st Century America. You could have a subplot where Bush tries to get Superwoman to combat terrorism, but discovers that she's being used as a propaganda figure to distract the public from some of the shadier activities of that administration. Superwoman could be a symbol for the New America, and the changing perspective of what "Truth, Justice, and the American way," mean in the 21st Century.
As some of my more regular watchers know, I crafted the Second Renaissance on, which has seen better days. The lore of the universe is starting to get too big for me to create all the content for, and still do the things I want to do with my life that, ya know make money. So I got a query for ya'll: Suppose I set up a new wikia just for the Second Renaissance. I'd cut and paste all the content that already exists, and oversee it as an admin, and anyone who wants to edit, or add content could do so. I'd have last rights on everything, of course, as would any other admins I'd bring in, but ultimately the universe could be further fleshed out by the community. Kinda like the ASOIAF wikia, and no, I'm not comparing my little collection of maps and stories to GRR Martin's magnum opus, it just has one of the best communities for art out of the wikias I've seen. For example. I'm probably never gonna be able to make a decent set of images depicting the armor described in the universe. I could cobble together something passable, but it wouldn't reflect what's in my mind or what the descriptions have put in your minds. So if you think I should do this, speak up, if you have ideas for different things you'd like to add to the community, say so. Nothing's set in stone just yet, but I wanna hear your feedback.
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microwavedreams Featured By Owner 4 days ago
What role does India, South Africa, and Indonesia have to play in the coming century?

Also, what are your thoughts on the TPP, and what is the main geopolitical significance?  
YNot1989 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
India and South Africa continued to be reliable allies to the US (critical points for trade and limited Naval capabilities = Buddies for the US). South Africa served as a stabilizing force in Sub-saharan Africa as the north destabilized during Refreeze. India faced a period of instability during the Flood and lost territory as Pakistan imploded, but the core of India was able to reassert itself after a series of brushfire wars. And Indonesia continued to be what its always been. A thorn in the side of anyone trying to move from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, and the whipping boy of anyone who wants to make life worse for that first party. 

The details of the TPP are too complicated for anyone without decades of international trade law experience to even have the faintest grasp of, and so I refuse to deal with the Left's paranoia or the Right's blind approval on that front. The TPP is really just a deal designed to benefit American companies looking to re-outsource from China to other pacific rim nations that still have cheap labor. We're not gonna be sewing Nike's in this country because no one wants to do that, and no one could afford Nike's made by American labor. The TPP is designed to facilitate the transition from a China that is the center of cheap labor to a China that is trying to look more like Korea or Japan with a more stable economy and a post-industrial model, while addative manufacturing remains too immature to meet consumer demand of many goods.
HeliosMegistos Featured By Owner May 21, 2015
How do you think history will remember President Obama in the future say 20 to 100 years from now ?.
YNot1989 Featured By Owner May 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
20 years from now I imagine he'll be remembered like a Democratic Reagan, but in the sense that he had a number of foreign policy successes, oversaw the end of a recession, BUT also began to move the country toward a more mature foreign policy. By the 2030s his economic policies will be largely forgotten or not seen as particularly revolutionary, they will have been in the middle of a major economic shift in the way labor is treated (honestly no one really remembers economic polices of anyone beyond 20 years in the past, and even then not in any detail). 

100 years from now. They'll remember that he was the first biracial president and was a big proponent of gay rights... and that's about it. No one will care about how the Great Recession was handled (no one will care what the Great Recession was), no one but history nerds will care about a Detente with Iran, or the ineffective Congress of his era, or even the Little Cold War. They'll have lived through a couple new frozen conflicts, a world war, countless recessions, and the movement of geopolitical trends that we can't even see yet.
SoaringAven Featured By Owner May 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave :D How did you find my work and what interested you about it?
YNot1989 Featured By Owner May 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're on maps and flags. I see it the moment you post it to the group. I enjoyed your color pallet and the detail you put in.
SoaringAven Featured By Owner May 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I'm glad my work interests you :D (Big Grin) I actually don't post to MaF because I don't like how they rate which submissions they let in and which not ^^; So my work only gets there occasionally. . . 
You can always watch me if you want to see more >;3
TheTexasRanger Featured By Owner May 4, 2015
So what will happen to Panama post-war? Will it stay a U.S. Protectorate or will it become a state?
YNot1989 Featured By Owner May 4, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
State probably.
microwavedreams Featured By Owner May 3, 2015
In your opinion, what would a timeline of military technology look like for the next 150-200 years?
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